Arouet Foundation Mission

To provide educational assistance, workforce development, and job opportunities to incarcerated women, as well as ex-offenders, who are sincere about working hard to change their mindset and to become productive citizens.


Reentry Program

Arouet’s reentry program (TOPS 1) was created in 2011 and specifically designed to assist the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated reenter society and reduce their likelihood to recidivate.


  • More than 800 women successfully graduated from the Arouet reentry program (TOPS 1)
  • To date, Arouet’s reentry program has a 6.1% recidivism rate


Post-Release Programs
In 2017, Arouet created two new programs to assist the reentry program graduates better adjust to their professional & personal lives post-release.
  • Post-release program (TOPS 2) & the professional Mentor program – during the 2017 inaugural year, 27 women joined the two new programs
  • To date, Arouet’s post-release programs have a 0% recidivism rate


TENS Scholarship
[Televerde Endowment for New Scholars]
TENS Mission is to empower women who are reentering society to realize their life goals through higher education.


  • Arouet provides scholarship funding to formerly incarcerated women, allowing them to achieve their higher educational goals
  • Arouet administers the educational endowment funded by the Televerde employees

“TOPS has reminded me that life is messy . . . If I remove the emotion from my responses to the mess . . . I just might show up to a different kind of life”

Shawn T, TOPS Graduate