A letter from Mikey to the incarcerated mother

On the subject of the children of incarnated mothers… one of Televerde’s employees Adrian Neal received a letter from her son whom she had not heard from since he went to live with his father. Adrian felt all hope was gone for being reunited with her children. But her persistent letter writing paid of this past mother’s day. This letter was included in hers as her son Mikey wanted all of the incarcerated mothers to know what its like from a child’s perspective.
Hey Mamas, Mom Dukes, Mommies…
Happy Mother’s Day to you! I wrote my beautiful mother a letter wishing her the same and thought about you all. You guys all deserve at the least a good and positive vibration sent in your direction. I know that it is hard for you on the inside at times. I also know that a lot of you may feel that it’s too late to reach out to your kids, or that they won’t accept you. That’s not the way to think. Sure, a lot of us may be upset, or disappointed. In all honesty, it’s more of hurt than anything else. BUT!!! ..This does not mean that we wouldn’t love to see you guys try. A lot of us feel that you’ve given up, and just want to see you keep pushing. I spent a big part of my life being upset, simply because I couldn’t understand. No matter the reason though, getting a letter from a mother that I barely knew, but missed so much felt AWESOME. I know that some of us won’t be as accepting, or may not accept you at all, but how will you know if you don’t try? Put yourself at peace either way it goes.
Keep your heads up. Even with limited options. YOU bend your own universe. The more positivity you do so, the more positive your life will be. It’s ok to keep smiling. You are all beautiful souls. Gotta let it show :). Love you guys! Go for the GOLD!

Mikey ♥
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